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What is sobriety coaching?

Explore relationship with Alcohol

A sobriety coach works with anyone who may have identified that their drinking is harmful to them, or they may be at a stage where they are wanting to explore their relationship with alcohol. 

Strengths Based Approach

A sobriety coach works together with you in a strengths-based approach towards increasing motivation and identifying and overcoming barriers to recovery. 

Future Focused

A sobriety coach is future focused and helps you to create a plan to reach your goal and your desired outcome for a more fulfilling future.

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Carolyn Clark Coaching

I’m a woman who found sobriety just after my 58th birthday. I knew my relationship with alcohol had been unhealthy for several years, but it wasn’t until I experienced the loss of some significant people I loved, in a short period of time up until 2020, that my use of alcohol became very toxic. At the end of 2020 I knew that I needed to take a break from alcohol, but what I did not realise was that I would begin to feel so good that I would make the decision to never drink again.

My life since 2020 is so unrecognizably different from what it was back then. I’ve made some great friends, I’ve solo travelled to Bali, I’ve been on a sea kayaking expedition, I’ve been camping alone, I’ve volunteered at festivals, I’ve climbed mountains, I’ve hosted sober meetings, I’ve hosted sober events, I facilitate womens' circles and so much more. I’m learning to live like the person I should have been before the experiences that led to my addictive behaviour. I’m letting that person thrive.

“Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces”

- Anne Voskamp

How did I do this? How can I help others?

I managed to overcome my reliance on alcohol as a coping mechanism in the following ways

by connecting with others

by learning as much as I possibly could about alcohol and its effects

by having some sessions with a coach

by learning to put together my own personal sober toolbox containing all the tools I needed to navigate this new way of fully living my life, beyond the shackles of alcohol use disorder. 

As your sober coach, I can help:

Mentor, support and guide you in in your exploration of living your life without alcohol

Provide a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential space for you to talk and explore how you can change your life.

Work with you to identify your barriers to change and explore ways to overcome them.

Develop a recovery plan with realistic goals, help keep you accountable to it and review and adjust as you progress on your journey to be free of alcohol.

Explore any lapses so we can learn from this and work towards reducing the chances of it happening again.

Be your cheerleader helping you identify and celebrate the changes and progress made.

Guide you to other sources of help if required.

How can I help you?

Are you ready to?

Free yourself from the hold that alcohol has over you and your life?

Escape the exhaustion from always thinking about drinking?

Find peace from your internal struggles?

Break free from the shame, fear, and guilt?

Get back that feeling of true joy and liberation?

Get back your clarity and focus on the things you want to do?

Unlock your true potential?

Live your life how you want to live it? 

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Sober Club Accredited Coach badge

1-1 Coaching Prices

If you are ready for something different, something empowering and life changing but can’t seem to take that first step, then let’s do this together. My aim is to make myself redundant to you as soon as possible!

60 minute 1:1 Coaching Session
4 x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions
8 x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions
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Discovery in Recovery - Bali Retreat

It is time for you to relax, rejuvenate, and rejoice in the pure joy of life free from alcohol.

Discovery in Recovery – Bali Retreat
What the retreat is about and who it’s for: ​This is a retreat for sober women over 40 who want to reconnect with the divine feminine within. It is a time to realign your soul, a time to experience the joy and freedom from the things that can hold us down. There will be daily […]

Podcast Appearances

Sober Communities Rock! - with Carolyn Clark

Today's guest is Sober Coach Carolyn Clark who has an inspiring recovery story to share.

Not only is she thriving in her alcohol free life but she's running sober retreats in Bali!

WE never know what's round the corner when we embark on this journey. We really have to trust the Universe... ditch the booze, do the work... and the magic will happen.

I best Carolyn never thought she'd be running retreats in Bali when she was drinking every night!

Tribe Sober podcast

Bee Sober Podcast (with Carolyn Clark)

Alex and Lisa have been best friends since high school. They drank together for nearly 30 years before experimenting with a sober lifestyle that immediately became a permanent fixture.

Their podcast started out with the two of them sat in Lisa’s wardrobe recording their conversations. They have interviewed some of the most renowned sober authors and influencers across the globe. Their podcast is a little different, they keep it real, raw and unedited. Don't miss out, listen to my episode with Lisa and Alex now.

Sober Yoga Girl Podcast (with Carolyn Clark)

Alex McRobs, known as Sober Yoga Girl, is a former party girl turned international yoga teacher and sober lifestyle coach.⁣⁣ Alex now supports other women in finding spirituality and sobriety through Sober Girls Yoga - which is part of The Mindful Life Practice, an international online yoga community she founded. In her podcasts Alex offers weekly episodes with insight into her life and journey, including stories, strategies, and sometimes with special guests.

In this episode, Alex sits down with Carolyn Clark, one of our key leaders in the Mindful Life Practice! Carolyn has completed the 30 Hour Sober Curious Teacher Training, and also came on a retreat that Alex was teaching yoga on this past year! In this episode Alex & Carolyn chat about her sober journey, and the theme of community being the key ingredient in sobriety came up.

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