4 x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions

During our 1:1 coaching I will be your collaborator to work alongside you to provide you with the space to be heard, to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, to identify your goals. I will provide a safe, non-judgemental space, and provide accountability for the path you have chosen.
Individual sessions can help by: -

  • Giving you access to the person who will be your collaborator in your path to build a
    better life.
  • Coaching can help you make sense of it all as you may be feeling overwhelmed by
  • Providing you with guidance that is precise to your exact needs
  • Empowering you so that you can take charge of your own life
  • Being able to help you develop new positive habits and better coping strategies
  • Providing feedback on your behaviour
  • Because early sobriety can be a lonely time, coaching can help you to identify and
    build a strong social support network.

Original price was: £200.00.Current price is: £180.00.

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